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With a professional graphic designer, a dedicated project manager, and skilled Web Engineers, Wild Web Studios Inc. has everything you need for a successful online project. Here is a sample of our most recent work:

A Sample of Our Recent Web Design Projects

IPC Products

Houston Web Design

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Houston Web Design   Houston Web Design   Houston Web Design   Houston Web Design

  • Custom, Professionally Designed Website

  • Science blended with beauty - Special attention taken to drawing the eye to particular areas, particular colors, to increase visibility/sales

  • Mobile Friendly! - Powerful image galleries, beautiful custom fluid design, and easy contact... All available on smartphones and tablets!

Mobile Web Design

Pinnacle Construction - Coming soon!

Web Design

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Houston Web Design   Houston Web Design   Houston Web Design   Houston Web Design

  • Completely one-off custom HTML5 design

  • Aesthetics and Functionality - Eyes are drawn to contact information, beautiful image galleries, and easy to read professional text

  • Built for the new-age of design - Quick-loading image galleries and fluid HTML5 design - iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, etc. compatible!

Mobile Web Design

Our Approach to your Web Design Project

Our Process

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For the quickest response for a web inquiry, please call 800-997-2806. If you still need more information about what we can do, take a look through our FAQ.

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1. As a leading Houston Web Design company, Wild Web Studios offers:

  • Many different financing options including our most popular: results-driven milestone payments. Your company only pays when they see results.
  • Professional graphic artists, highly skilled web developers, and concise project managers, all under one roof. Feel free to come down and visit our offices!
  • Expert help with all of your web solutions - From hosting your website, to building the site, to marketing your website on search engines. We are your "one-stop" shop for web solutions.
  • A stable, 10+ year old business with leaders who value partnerships, transparency, and customer satisfaction.

After The Project

1. What happens after the project is completed? Can Wild Web Studios help with my online marketing?

Absolutely - In fact, not only are we a top Website Design company, we offer expert SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services including a comprehensive SEO Report. This report will let you company know how and where to spend your online marketing dollars most effectively. After the report, our company will then get to work on making your website appear on top search engines!

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2. Ok, what about support after the project is over?

We offer two different forms of support after a project is completed. The first is a "Pay-As-You-Go" option. If you aren't going to be making many changes, this will be the best option for you. The second is a support policy. The support policy gives you priority, 48 hour guaranteed turn-around time on changes. In addition, the support policy lowers your hourly rate. All for a low monthly fee!

3. Do I own the website after it is launched? What about all of the passwords?

You own everything after a project is launched. If we purchased stock photography for you, you get the license for the photos. When we say everything, we mean everything!

Paying For Your Web Solution

1. What about financing? Some other companies want 50% up-front!?

If you are responsible for finances in any business, certainly you understand cash flow and how important it is. We understand. That is why we offer a much lower up-front cost to get the project started and up to 6 months of financing! The normal way we finance projects is through "milestone" payments. For example, once we complete the design of the project, we get a percentage of the overall cost. Once we complete the build out of the website, we get another percentage. That way, you are paying based off of work you are seeing! Thus it is a "results-driven" payment system.

2. How much does a typical website cost?

This is the most frequently asked question of them all - And we hate to sound like the other guys, but it depends... With more than 10 years of success in the website design industry, a simple website can cost in the low thousands while a large scale database-driven application can run in the tens of thousands (rarely, but it does happen!). With our financing options, our transparent business style, and our professional project manager, we can be accommodating to many different budgets.

Scope of Work

1. How long does a typical project take?

A typical (small) project takes around a month. We also understand that time to market can mean the difference between success and failure. Therefore, we offer accelerated projects which can be finished in as little as 2 weeks if needed! For large-scale projects, it shouldn't take more than 3 months to complete.

2. There is a lot of buzz about social media... Does Wild Web integrate social media into my website?

Yes - We can integrate Facebook friends, Twitter feeds, and more into your website. If you want to get into the social media arena, we can also help!

3. What makes Wild Web Studios different than competitors?

It is simple: We are in it for the long-haul. Our business model has been supported by long-term, beneficial relationships with our clients. And since we can do MUCH more than just simply building you a website, we are your company for all of your web needs. Need an intranet for your employees? Need some extra marketing? We can do all of that and more for your company.

4. If I need higher level development work, like a database to store information, or an intranet, can Wild Web Studios help?

Yes - In fact, our core competency is advanced web programming. If you need any kind of custom application, a way to store customer information, or a back-end system, we have you covered. There is no limit to what we can program! If your company needs it, we can build it.

5. I sell products online. Does Wild Web Studios have any solutions for me?

Yes, we have VERY solid solutions for you. First, we determine what is the best online E-Commerce system for you. Then, we build your website for the E-Commerce system. With so many successful E-Commerce solutions under our belt, we know the right questions to ask, the right solutions for your budget, and the right avenues for marketing your website. Finally, we train your company on how to integrate products and maintain your store. If you want us to add products and maintain the store, not a problem!

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